Abilene residents braving the frigid weather and slick roads


ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) - The city of Abilene is sliding into the new year. Residents were braving the frigid weather and the roads.

All the icy roads kind of surprised me, especially driving home, going 20 all the way," Brandon McFall said, "Just spinning the tires, trying to go from one place to another, having to go slow, seeing people spin out on the road." 

An icy winter wonderland made for a slick drive on this bitterly cold day.

"We've seen a lot of people going like five miles an hour," Timothy Fox said.

However, some see it as an opportunity.

"It's been like one or two, then nothing, then one or two, but we've done alright. I think it's crazy that people are actually out," Fox said.

He owns a local coffee shop called Fox Coffee and said he is no stranger to winter's wrath.

"It doesn't matter if you got a 4-wheel drive or a 2-wheel drive. I used to live in Alaska. It's more about sand and studs and we don't have that here in Texas," Fox said.

In fact, Fox feeling right at home, where temperatures in Alaska were just three degrees colder than the Key City, at 6:25 p.m. Central Time.

He was not the only one taking advantage of the chill. Drifters were seen sliding across the Fox Coffee parking lot.

While the ice may be fun for some, it is important to remember it can also be dangerous.

"Make sure you stay safe and be careful when you're driving," Fox said.

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