Abilene Toddler Finds Snake in The Toilet

It's not a surprise to find a snake in a cellar, or under the house....but it is surprising to find one here:

"I'm not even out of the bed and our four year old Isaac comes in and says mommy there's a snake in the toilet," said Cassie McFadden.

"I was like I've got to go check this out," said eight year old Ian McFadden.

"And then when Ian screamed there's a snake in the toilet I was like I have to go check this out," said ten year old Ian.

This is what the family  walked in to.

And while the four year old tried to flush the snake...

"He thought it would be a good idea to flush it down. How did that go? Not well," said seven year old Lance.

Cassie kicked into action.

"And he finally brought me the hoe and i reached over and hit it a few times, unfortunately," said Cassie.

The snake in the toilet prompted suspicion of what other crawling figures were lurking near the home.

"There likely could be a den of snakes in there, and I didn't want to risk it, so that's when I felt moved to find a local snake removal company," said Jason McFadden.

And it's  a good thing they called.

"They pulled ten out from under the house, 13 from the cellar," said Jason.

So why are there so many snakes slithering around this time of year?

"I think it has to do with all the rain we got last year, the rodent population has been super high this year, therefore, more snakes," said Nathan Hawkins of Big Country Snake Removal.

So now the McFadden home snake free...Well except for their two pet snakes. But they are glad to see the rattlers gone.

"Because they're dangerous, they're poisonous, and we had no idea there was 24 snakes," said Jonas.

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