Abilene's own Dr. Dolittle teaching about caring for animals


ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) - An Abilene YouTuber is making waves across the internet. She is doing it by simply creating videos on how to properly care for animals but they are not your average household pets.

CatAleah has always had a passion for animals, since she was a child.

Now that she is older and living on her own, she owns more than fifty pets and has taken her passion to the next level, by creating her very own animal room.

"I guess I'm just fascinated by them," YouTuber CatAleah said.

This local YouTube sensation is making a name for herself, not only in the Key City, but across the world.

"It's very important to me to help educate people and how to care for exotic animals," CatAleah said.

Educating her viewers on how to properly care for exotic animals.

"I do have a breeding trio of sugar gliders and I sell the babies pet-only, which means before going to new homes I get them neutered," CatAleah said. "I don't recommend buying them from places that you're not sure of the source of where they get their animals, because a lot of the times they are breed in mass around the country and shipped in here and sold, so you never really know what you're getting when that happens."

She sells her neutered sugar gliders and other critters on her Facebook, Aleah's Critters.

CatAleah's YouTube channel has more than 13,000 followers and counting!
"When I have that audience to share the information with, I can make videos explaining how to take care of those animals," she said.
Her channel also features behind the scenes views of expos she attends.

"From there, people will do with it what they will," she said.

CatAleah is also hoping to share her focus in the classroom with her YouTube subscribers. 

"I am going to school taking pre-veterinary classes. I'm hoping I'll continue with it but if not, I definitely want YouTube to be my full-time job and of course have a veterinary degree to fall back on," she said.

So between her 53 pets, work and a college course load, she is on a tight schedule!

"So, any free time that I get is usually spent in this room or with my animals," CatAleah laughed.

From sugar gliders, to snakes, to scorpions and even a turkey, just to name a few. If you ask her who her favorite one is it is man's best friend for the win!

"It would probably be my dog just because she's the most personable and we've bonded more closely than all of my other pets. My turkey comes close though," she said.

"Thank you guys for watching! This is CatAleah! You just saw my animal room and I'll see you guys on my YouTube channel! Bye!" 

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YouTube: CatAleah

Instagram: AleahKitty

Facebook: CatAleah YouTube

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