Acres of land selling for just $1 in West Texas town

PECOS, Texas (KMID/KPEJ) - Pecos, a town of 8 thousand people in 20-15, now being a town of around 14 thousand according to locals.

With more people comes more demands and needs.

Jim Haley, Pecos Barstow and Toyah Superintendent, says with new businesses popping up the city can now handle more grocery stores.

"There is just new businesses and things cropping up all over," said Haley.  "So, we know that the community could support a big grocery store."

La Tienda is the only grocery store in Pecos right now. Which means in order to get what you have to show up early.

Bertha Porras is the owner of Abi's Kitchen in Pecos. She said La Tienda sometimes runs out of everyday stuff that she needs for her restaurant forcing her to drive an hour to Odessa.

"Oh you would have to go really really early in the morning, like when they open," said Porras. "Basically that is when you are going to get what you need like the variety because most of the times they are out of what you need."

Porras said she would like to enjoy her weekends and not have to take an hour long trip one way just to get essentials.

"We would like to have more comparable prices," said Porras."Also during the weekends we would like to stay in town and keep our money here in Pecos as well."

So, Haley told me he went to Facebook after deciding Pecos will be selling acres of land for just one dollar.

"As much land that is needed depending on the size of the store they will allocate the number of acres necessary and someone can purchase that for a dollar," said Haley. "Not per acre but total if you need it. If you needed three acres to build it then it will still only be one dollar."

La Tienda will keep supporting Pecos for the time being. But, adding a new grocery store can only help the booming city.

Ken Winkle is the Executive Director of Economic Development Corporation in Pecos.

He is on board and said it is about time to swing the bat and get the ball rolling.

"La Tienda has done a great job over the years," said Winkle. "But, I believe competition is healthy and so we want to work for the citizens in Pecos."

If anyone is interested in buying the land you are asked to go to the Pecos Website

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