ACU Athletes Volunteer at Hendrick

Today ACU athletes volunteered their time to visit children at Hendrick Hospital.

According to staff and parents, the visit is good for morale.

"It's great for the kids here in the hospital, it makes them feel a little bit better," commented Drew McMillon, an employee at Hendrick.

That raising of spirits is exactly what these guys are after.

"We just wanted to come out, offer some encouragement and see how the kids are doing, really," commented Mark Pearson, an ACU baseball player.

These guys know it can be hard to be stuck in a room when you have so much energy, but they let these kids know that everything is going to work out.

"Things are going to be alright and things are going to get better for sure," Mark went on.

The experience was a positive one for everyone involved, and these guys are ready to do it again.

"If I got asked to, I'd definitely do it again," Mark finished.

And after the positive response from kids, this is something parents are glad to hear.

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