AISD Hopes to Add Handful of Career and Technical Education Courses

New Courses, Including Fire Fighting School, Plan to Bloom in 2017

ABILENE, Texas (KRBC)-After Monday's meeting, Abilene Independent School District is moving forward with their new career and technical education programs.

Ryder Appleton, the Career and Technical Education Director, said that there will be over 300 new courses offered throughout the state and these courses will be standardized throughout each district.

"Basically three out of every four students that are enrolled in grades 9-12 are in a CTE class." Stated Appleton.

With recent success in the district's two CTE high schools, the Academy of Technology, Engineering, Math and Science, and Holland Medical Early College High School, AISD has decided to transition to new curriculum.

From hospitality and tourism to accounting and fire fighting school, AISD is excited to expand their courses and to help properly prepare the students for college or the workforce.

"In the entire district, we have just under 60 designated career and technology education teachers", said Appleton.

Many of the teachers switched from teaching regular high school classes to a career based course, like Karen Cluck, a teacher at Holland Medical Early College High School.

"They work hard, they know what they want to do, so they are going to work hard and be successful!" Said Cluck.

The students who are currently taking the courses seemed to be enjoying their time in the career based classrooms.

"It definitely gives me an edge up on other people who don't say they have this opportunity", said Aaron Mannke, a senior at Holland Medical Early College High School.

AISD is still working on getting a set list of courses and hopes to get the names out soon.


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