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Around 300 registered sex offenders in Taylor County are likely unsupervised

Editor's note: click here to see if any registered sex offenders live in your neighborhood. 

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) - There are more than 450 registered sex offenders living in Taylor County right now and most of them are not under any kind of supervision. 

Mike Wolfe, Director of Taylor County Adult Probation, told KTAB and KRBC his office supervises 103 of Taylor County's registered sex offenders and the parole department supervises another 35 or so, but that leaves around 300 that likely have no supervision, besides re-registering their address with law enforcement once a year.

Supervised sex offenders are required, as a mandate of their court-ordered probation, to remain in constant contact with probation officers and counselors for the duration of their sentence, often attending meetings multiple times a week.

These supervised sex offenders are subjected to routine and surprise home visits, where the probation department for illegal electronic devices, reviews social media interactions, and makes sure there is nothing present that could entice children. 

Supervised sex offenders are also court-ordered to live at least 1,000 feet from schools, daycares, and other places where children may congregate. 

Sex offenders who are unsupervised do not have these restrictions because any court orders are released with the completion of their probation or parole, meaning there is nothing stopping them from living near schools or daycares. 

The Texas Department of Public Safety tracks all sex offenders across the state with their easy-to-use Sex Offender Registry.

Here's how Taylor County compares to other areas of Texas:

County     Number of Registered Sex Offenders     Population (2015)
Taylor           451                                                               136,051
Denton        514                                                                780,612
Wichita        266                                                                131,705
Brazos         266                                                                215,037
Brown          172                                                                37,896
Callahan       69                                                                  13,557
Coleman       35                                                                  8,338
Eastland        72                                                                  18,171
Fisher             11                                                                 3,827
Haskell          22                                                                  5,737
Jones            61                                                                  19,970



TONIGHT on KRBC News at 6PM - hear more from Mike Wolfe about sex offenders in the Taylor County community. 

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