Award-Winning Salsa and BBQ Sauce Made In Abilene

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB) - For 26 years, Absolutely World Class has been operating in Abilene at Treadaway and North 3rd Street. And for those 26 years, they've been quietly growing from a regional specialty to a brand sold across the state.

"In five hours, I can make 75 5-gallon buckets of BBQ sauce", says plant manager Ezequiel Casiano.

That's enough sauce to provide for the World's Largest Barbecue at Dyess Air Force Base... and still have roughly two thirds of the day's batch left over.

What makes this sauce so popular comes partially from the culture of constant improvement at Absolutely World Class.

Mason Gassaway, who works in the sales team says, "Everything we make, we really want it to get out there and get noticed, but we want to have good feedback on it. If it's something that people aren't enjoying or aren't liking, we're not going to continue to pursue that. We're going to find ways to change that and innovate and make it what the people want."

Absolutely World Class has been innovating, and succeeding, for over two decades, and they've been growing ever since they opened shop.

"It started out small, just kind of something to do, something to kick around and it just built up and it's been working out. So we're just keeping it going. Doing our best.", says Gassaway.

The business has expanded from the salsa that first made them so successful, and now has jalepenos, BBQ sauce, and beef jerky. They also manufacture sauces for other brands who have fallen in love with their product.

Casiano says that trying the product is how he ended up working for Absolutely World Class. He says, "I was hired about ten years ago. Really never heard of the product until I was offered a position. Once trying it, it actually closed the deal."

The brand sells across Texas, but looks to the future, and could possibly move beyond state borders and sell across the nation.


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