BBB warns people to be safe when donating

AMARILLO, Texas ( - Following Hurricane Harvey, there are millions of people digging deep into their pockets to donate to those in need.

In most cases, you can donate with just one click on your screen. While donating might be easy, there are some things to consider before putting in your information.

It is important to do your research and know who you are giving your funds to and how they are being used.

The Better Business Bureau explained after a disaster, there are some people who try to take advantage of others.

"Right now what we are seeing is there are some emails out there that perhaps don't click directly to the donor site that they claim to be a part of. So, you want to be careful when you're clicking on unsolicited emails," Janna Kiehl, BBB Executive Director and CEO said.

The BBB makes researching websites an easy process. On their website, you can find is a site where you can search for reputable sites to donate. They advise to check out their website before clicking submit on a donation page.

"So if they want to give and know that, that money is being used for the purpose that it's supposed to be used for and that there is some accountability with those funds and with that charity as a whole, is the best place to go to check out those charities," Kiehl explained. 


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