Becoming king and queen of Texas (and Oklahoma)

The Society of Creative Anachronism. It's a group that's dedicated to "Recreating arts and skills from the pre-17th-century era of Europe," according to the website and members.

"We try to recreate and do everything," commented Chris England, one SCA member.

It's an organization that you can join for a minute and find yourself engrossed for a lifetime.

While faithful recreation of history is one of the main goals.

"It's pretty much all about fun," Chris continued.

Now a little history, the organization, which has over 30,000 members,  has divided the world into 20 kingdoms, each reigned over by kings and queens. Texas and Oklahoma fall under one banner, the kingdom of Ansteorra.

"And once every six months we have a tournament to determine the next crown," Chris went on.

And here tournament means combat with swords, axes, armor, and plenty of stamina.

"They're solid blows, like being hit by a baseball bat," Tiffany Geisendorf, another SCA member.

Moving away from kings, queens, and knights in shining armor, those who have been involved for over 20 years say there's plenty to love.

"It's a very cool world that I love. I love getting to learn the dance of what we do," continued Tiffany.

And while it may be clashing swords, or fancy clothes that draw a person in, members say it's the people that keep you there.

All agree that these people are some of the best they've ever met. 

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