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Big Country family loses everything in house fire

LAWN, Texas (KRBC) -- A house that has been passed down from generation to generation was claimed this weekend by fire and flames, leaving a Lawn, Texas family with nothing but the shirts on their back.

"They had just recently got married and so pretty much everything they started out with was lost," said family relative, Angie Abbott.

And while the family grieves for the loss of everything near and dear to them... They know some things just can't be replaced. Sure you can start over but it'll never be the same as far as the love that they felt in that home and the memories that they grew up knowing, said Abbott.

And as the recovery moves along one step at a time, it's been help from people both near and far that is truly amazing. "What else can you do except for turn it over to God," said Abbott, "And have just God lead you in the right direction.

A direction that doesn't point anywhere in particular but rather towards the good nature of mankind. An organization located in Lubbock has helped the family a lot, "They have gathered almost $1,000 to donate and not one single person knows us," said Abbott.

If you would like to help, the family has set up a GoFundMe campaign under the name "Sierra n Andrew Willis Home." The family told us small everyday items from soap and toothpaste to towels and dishes are in need and would be a great help.

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