Big Country fans of Astros, Dodgers weigh in on World Series

Game 1 of the World Series takes place Tuesday night, as the Los Angeles Dodgers and Houston Astros battle for the World Series trophy.

In the Big Country, fans for both sides, young and old, have been waiting to see these teams make it to the Fall Classic for a long time.

"I am an Astro fan and I've watched them get to where they are now and hope that they continue," said Ruth King, an Astros fan whose son lives in Houston.

"They're a Texas team, I've followed them since I lived in San Antonio," said Mary Jean Wills, an Astros fan.

"I've been following them on radio since they were on TV all the years," said Daniel Garcia, a lifelong Astros fan.

"I do enjoy the playoffs and I'm looking forward to Houston being in the World Series this year," said JB Denson, a Rangers fan pulling for the Astros.

After torrential flooding in Houston from Hurricane Harvey, the Astros have the opportunity to revive their city.

"It's really wonderful how the city feels about them," said King.

"I think it's going to do Houston a lot of good with that morale buildup," said Wills.

Dodgers fans have waited since 1988 to reach the World Series.

"I grew up listening to Vin on the radio, watching games on TV with my dad, going to Dodger games live when we could, and just became a lifelong fan of the team and the sport," said Meri Combs, a Dodger fan who works at Hendrick Medical Center.

Longtime diehard fans and young fans with a love for the game of baseball will come together in the Big Country to celebrate their teams.

"Back then, in the first World Series we were pretty young, but I remember growing and playing baseball in the cul de sac with my cousins and our next door neighbors and batting like we were Jeff Bagwell," said Caleb Casas, a lifelong Astros fan and intern for the sports department at Abilene Christian University.

"It's kind of rare, you know, it's the second time it's happened. So it's kind of bringing a lot of people together especially after the Hurricane hit," said Teddy Lewis, an Abilene Christian University student whose father is the Astros team dentist.

The World Series is about to begin and the Big Country will be watching. First pitch is Tuesday night at 7 PM CT.

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