Big Country Musician Holds Benefit for Woman Seeking Paralysis Recovery

Jamal Wicks Holds 'Music for a Purpose' Benefit in Jordan Click's Honor

ABILENE, Texas (KRBC)-  On April 10, 2009, Jordan Click was left paralyzed from the shoulders down due to an auto accident. 

At the time, she was just 19-years-old and a freshman in college with a full ride soccer scholarship.

8 years later, all Jordan dreams of is walking again, and thankfully, one man who saw her story, decided to do whatever he can to change her life.

Jamal Wicks, a Big Country musician, saw that Jordan was raising money to help send her to Houston where she would undergo paralysis therapy.

That is when he decided to reach out to Jordan and her mom.

" A very gracious man named Jamal Wicks, saw my story, and he wandered to himself how he could help." Said Click.

So, Jamal thought that since he knew musicians and knew they also had big hearts,he decided to organize a benefit to help Jordan reach her goal of $30,000.

"I knew I could either give something or I could try to organize something bigger to where more people could take and be a part of." Wicks.

Jordan told KRBC that the money she has been raising is going towards getting her paralysis therapy at Project Walk in Houston.

"It will go to my treatment, because it costs $100 an hour, and then the expenses to move to Houston." Added Click.

What really surprised Jordan and her mom was how a complete stranger had a big enough heart to help.

"When a total stranger comes out of nowhere, it really made me feel happy like someone cares."

So far she has raised more than $10,000 and is that much closer to her goal to walk again.

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