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Big Fish Breckenridge: Hubbard Creek Reservoir fish population has 'come back with gusto'

BRECKENRIDGE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) - Record-breaking fish are being pulled from Hubbard Creek Reservoir just 2 years after a drought dropped water levels more than 80%. 

Brush Creek Mercantile owner Lorie Rohloff says 9-or-10 record-breaking fish have been caught within the past year, and several more since Hubbard Creek re-opened to the public in April of 2016. 

Rohloff wants everyone to come and experience these fish first-hand, while they still can. 

Thinking back on the drought that devastated this region from 2010 all the way through 2016, Rohloff remembers being concerned the fish population wouldn't make it, but much to her surprise, it's "come back with gusto".

Michael Vandygriff and his brother Brandon have been fishing Hubbard Creek for 15 years with one common goal in mind - to catch the biggest fish in the lake. 

Michael reeled in a 63.4-pound blue catfish Saturday, breaking a record Brandon had set only 3-weeks prior by just a few pounds. Between the brothers, Michael promises, there are bigger fish to come, perhaps even an elusive 100-pounder he swears he'll catch someday soon. 

"It's just a huge blessing to come be in Breckenridge and have this in my backyard," Vandygriff remarks. 

The Vandygriff brothers helped found the Breckenridge Catfish Club - a group dedicated to refining their monster-catching techniques while bringing tournaments and events to Hubbard Creek. 

Breckenridge Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Rhonda Crawford says there are already 2 tournaments planned for the lake in 2018, and the business from these tournaments allows the City to attract more events.


TONIGHT on KRBC News at 6PM - Hear more from Rohloff, Vandygriff, and Crawford as they further explain the economic impact of Hubbard Creek Reservoir's big fish and how they hope to sustain the population. 

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