Big Hearts: Abilene pinup dolls raise awareness about domestic violence

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB) - The Abilene Pinup Dolls are making a name for themselves in the community. 
"We dress in pinup stle. That's kind of what gets the attraction from the public. That's what gets people's attention," says Serenity Ford, or Rosie Cheeks, a member of the Abilene Pinup Dolls. 
They're out to capture much more than that.
Ford adds, "The Abilene Pinup Dolls, we are an organization. We advocate for  disadvantaged women and children. Namely, women and children who have suffered from domestic violence and abuse. 
It's a cause near and dear to all of the members hearts, including Ford's, "All of us are women from all different walks of life that have either firsthand, secondhand experienced domestic violence of some sort. We all can relate to the the trauma it can bring."
All 14 members are motivated to raise awareness and money for organizations that work to combat domestic violence. 
"We set up a booth. We offer services such as facepainting, fingernail painting, we do temporary tattoos. We also do hair and makeup at our booths. That raises funds which we usually do 50/50,  50%  of it goes to a charity of our choice. Which we like to work with charities such as Noah Project and Love and Care Ministries," Ford adds.
It's giving back to the community and more, "We've also created a community within ourselves to be there for one another," says Ford.
With the past now in the rear view mirror, these ladies are on the road to a better life for themselves and their families.
Ford says, "The confidence that it brings you. You can dress up, look sexy, look beautiful but in a way that you're fully covered. The feedback we've gotten from the community has been really cool, really positive. 
The Abilene Pinup Dolls just finished a calendar shoot. You can buy one by contacting "Rosie Cheeks" on Facebook. They are $30 dollars and a portion of the proceeds will go to the Noah Project, a domestic violence shelter in Abilene. 

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