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Big Hearts: Life Liners dancing for community causes

Big Hearts: Life Liners dancing for...

BROWNWOOD, Texas (KTAB) - It's a special day for the residents and visitors at the Chatfield Premier Assisted Living Center in Brownwood. 
"We go every month to a retirement home or anywhere they call us to entertain these people. We go, well, they go. I can't go anymore but boy do I try to get there," says Helen Stalcup, the team's drill sergeant. 
91-year-old, Stalcup is going on her 22nd year with the Life Liners dance team, "In 1996, we started line dancing. We started doing it for exercise but we got real good at it."
As the team's drill sergeant, she's better known as, "Sarge. I've been Sarge for years and years. "
Sarge says it's provided a good outlet to get up and moving. 
"They started it because we needed some exercise to not be a couch potato, is that what they call it," says Stalcup. 
She may not be dancing anymore but she's with them every step of the way, " I think we get as much out of it as these people watching. It's something that we do. It keeps us going."
They perform are various places in the Big Country and Heartland.
"It helps us stay active when we see what they do. It helps us try to walk better and participate," says Chatfield resident, Scotti Leech.
When they're not performing, the Life Liners  members devote lots of time to practicing...
Sarge adds, "Oh mercy. These girls just work like mad. They plump down a dollar every time they come."
They practice four days a week and each donate a dollar every time to support a local cause, "They use that money and help all the organizations that need help," adds Sarge.
The fancy footwork may be what's entertaining the crowd, but it's the fellowship shared by members that make up the soul of this group. 

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