Breckenridge native teaches glassblowing in return home

Big Country war veteran, Chuck Wells, who served in Desert Storm and Panama, returned to his hometown of Breckenridge to teach customers how to blow glass at the Rustic Charm.

"I've been teaching glass blowing for almost 15 years," said Wells.

Wells is currently an art professor in Georgia that teaches students how to blow glass while using furnaces from his three year-old business, Mobile Glassblowing Studios.

"We make small furnaces that travel out through the communities, through the country, and the world that bring this material to the public," said Wells.

Tuesday, while visiting an old friend's store, Wells decided it would be a great opportunity to teach the customers his craft.

"To see the material melted down and then color added, and then create a really nice object, is pretty spectacular and it happens in just a few minutes," said Wells.

"It has attracted such a big crowd," said Cason Asher, an employee of the Rustic Charm. "You don't get to see glass blowing in person very often, but you see these beautiful ornaments that are made by it. It's cool to watch somebody do that."

Wells had several of the children in the audience choose the colors of their ornaments.

"You get transfixed in the process, and then you become endeared to the objects that are being made," said Wells. "It's just a really fascinating thing to watch."

"It's cool to see all the people from the town all together here to see that too," said Asher.

Wells has performed the art of glassblowing in front of many, including the 39th President of the United States.

"I have made some pieces of glass for Jimmy Carter and his family," said Wells.

Showing his homeland his unique skill was something Wells says he couldn't pass up.

"I went to Cisco Junior College, Midwestern State University, and graduated from TCU with my Master's Degree, so there's a big connection here."

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