Brown Co. Intoxicated Manslaughter Suspect Has Past Alcohol Arrests

BROWNWOOD, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) - A Brownwood man accused of hitting an killing an eight-year-old boy while intoxicated then fleeing the scene has been arrested for at least five alcohol-related traffic offenses in the past.

Records from the Brown County Courthouse show Samuel Juarez Jr., 34, has been arrested in Brown County for three DWI's, one DUI/Minor charge, and one Open Container charge. 

Juarez is currently being held in the Brown County Jail for Intoxicated Manslaughter and Accident Causing death after he hit and killed 8-year-old Daylan Donnell Franklin on the 1600 block of 6th Street Saturday afternoon.

County Attorney Shane Britton says Juarez was arrested for the first DWI in December of 2001 then convicted in February of 2002 and sentenced to one year of probation. 

His next arrest was for an incident in 2002. Juarez was originally charged with DWI when arrested, but his blood-alcohol level was under the legal limit, so the charge was lessened to DUI/Minor charge, according to Britton, who says the DUI/Minor change is a class C traffic ticket punishable by a maximum fine of $500. 

Britton claims then Juarez pleaded guilty to the DUI/Minor and was ordered to pay a $155. Juarez was unsatisfied with this verdict and requested to appeal this decision but then decided to pay the Brown County Court $500 as part of pretrial diversion in 2003.

Juarez was given another Class C traffic ticket in 2006 for having an open container of alcohol. Britton says Juarez pleaded guilty then the case was appeal, and before it when to an appeal trial, Juarez agreed once again to pay $500 as part of pretrial diversion once again. 

Juarez has been arrested for two other DWI's - once in 2006 and once in 2011. His DWI case in 2006 was dismissed because the arresting officer could not appear in court and there was no video of the arrest.

Juarez was convicted for the DWI in 2011 and sentenced to 10 days in jail. He also had his license suspended for a year. 


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