Brownwood Will be Performing Hydrant Maintenance This Summer

BROWNWOOD, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) - The City of Brownwood has begun it's fire hydrant maintenance for this summer.

In accordance with Insurance Services Office (ISO), annual hydrant maintenance began June 7. ISO rates cities and Fire Departments on a scale from 1-10, with a 1 being a perfect score, and a 10 being no fire protection at all. Information gathered allows for insurance agencies to set fire insurance rates, with lower scores resulting in lower insurance rates.

Brownwood most recently was rated a 3 in 2007, an improvement over their former 5 rating.

Brownwood is currently looking at 782 hydrants that need to be cleaned, oiled, flow tested and have their water main pipes flushed by the end of July. The fire department will be keeping records of hydrant maintenance and flow test results, which are measured in gallons per minute the hydrant is capable of flowing.  The Utility Department is in charge of flushing the water mains.

Flushing the mains moves any stagnated water out and improves water quality by keeping the disinfectant levels up. This flushing can stir up sediment causing some residents to see rusty water coming from their pipes. The utility department is working to clear the lines, but residents may need to flush pipes to clear them themselves. For assistance with flushing your pipes, call the City of Brownwood Utility Department at (325)-646-6000.

The Fire Department would like to remind residents to not drive through any water stream created by a hydrant, as they are very powerful and could result in damages.

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