Burglary Suspect Speaks Out

Abilene, Texas (KRBC)-Priceless possessions police are working to place.

$5,000 worth of stolen merchandise all taken from storage sheds in Merkel, Abilene, and Clyde.

But  the suspect accused of the thefts claims she's innocent.

"I've turned my life around before. I should not be in here. I did not do this," said Amanda Grant.

In a jail house interview with Grant, she tells us she believes her roommate is responsible for the stolen items.

"I do have a record and I feel that do to my record and it's my house, but I don't make a habit of going through my roommate's stuff," said Grant.

Grant's criminal record is littered with theft charges...

"It is for theft. I've had hot checks," said Grant.

But she says she's aware of how the findings of the search warrant on her home last week...Have pinned her to the crime.

"Of course it's my house and it doesn't look good but it's also other people's house too but I'm the only one who's been charged with it," said Grant.

Police say they are searching for additional suspects.

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