Can Abilene's Adventure Cove be self-sufficient?

Can Adventure Cove be self-sufficient?

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB) - Abilene's new aquatic center, Adventure Cove, is busy in its first summer. But it isn't self sufficient. Ticket prices would need to nearly double to make it so the water facility could pay for itself. The city is looking at ways to generate additional income.

Recreation and senior services administrator Jeff White says, "Based on the prices we have, our policy is that we're capturing fifty percent of our cost related to this facility."

White expects attendence to remain strong through the year, but there is still a need to boost income.

Plans such as season passes or prefreed rates for Abilene citizens could help to increase revenue, something that City Manager Robert Hanna says, "can be explored for the next season." He notes, however, that, "We have not made any final decisions on that. I know that council would like to see some discussion on that, and so at the appropriate time we'll bring that forward for them."

No matter what changes take place in the future, people from near and far seem to be enjoying themselves at the pool.

Amber Merrick, on her first visit of the pool, says that she's particularly fond of the lazy river. She says, "I like it because you can go on the tubes, and you can just spin around and you can go as long as you want. And it takes you itself, so you don't have to do any work."

Gina George is visiting from Dallas. She says that she had been looking forward to Adventure Cove opening up. "It's awesome with the slides and the lazy river. I think it's wonderful for the city of Abilene, it's going to be so fun."

The rates for this year have been set, so any changes won't hapen until next year, whatever form those changes take.

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