Cedar Fever Hits the Big Country

Local Allergist and Health Coach Talk About How to Prevent Allergy Symptoms

ABILENE, Texas (KRBC)- Allergy symptoms can feel a lot like a cold or the flu.

From a runny nose to itchy eyes and a headache, the Big Country was swept with Cedar pollen and many allergy sufferers are looking for whatever it takes to combat their illness.

"When my allergies start to kick in, i'll start having a runny nose, itchy eyes and a bad headache, that sort of thing." Said Becky Rector, a local who gets allergy shots weekly.

Dr. Maggie Shringer, an allergist in Abilene said that she has seen an increase in patients due to the amount of pollen in the air.

"We have seen a surge of patients and a lot of them tend to get their allergy shots during this time of year, when the weather gets cooler", explained Dr. Shringer.

Dr. Shringer said that allergy shots help combat the symptoms but the patient would have to get tested for what particular allergen they are allergic to.

Those who do not get allergy shots either rely on over the counter medicine or homeopathic methods like 'Allergena's Texas Cedar Fever Allergy Relief Drops'.

The only place where those who are looking for that particular medicine can find it at is the local Natural Grocers, but sadly, they were out of stock.

"The Allergena is very popular, especially during this time of season, but apparently a lot of customers purchased it yesterday", explained Dessire Armstrong, a Nutrition Health Coach at Natural Grocers.

Armstrong told KRBC that there are other homeopathic drops that have the same ingredients but aren't as strong.

Although cedar is the one to blame, KRBC's Avery Tomasco said that we should also be blaming the amount of rainfall we received last spring.

"During the spring, we had a ton of rainfall, so cedar is very happy and it's given off a lot of pollen", said Tomasco.

He also added that the cold fronts have knocked all the loose pollen off from the trees and into the air, causing those who are allergic to cedar to suffer even more during this time of year.

Luckily for those who are having issues dealing with their allergies, the cold front coming this week should help calm down the levels.



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