Chipotle is literally giving away queso Tuesday

(CNN) - Chipotle really wants you to try its queso.

On December 12, the company will give a free side of queso to anyone who orders an entree wearing a "cheesy" sweater, according to a tweet.

The fast food retailer did not specify what it means by "cheesy" sweater, saying cryptically that "just like your burrito order, it's what you make of it. (Surprise us.)" A representative narrowed the type of garment down slightly to "your cheesiest holiday sweater."

The company announced the one-day giveaway, which won't include chips, on Tuesday.

Chipotle (CMG) has had a hard time getting people excited about its interpretation of queso, the melted cheese dish popularized in Tex-Mex cuisine.

The company's first batch of queso received largely negative reviews: On Twitter, disgruntled customers called Chipotle's queso "gritty" and a "crime against cheese" that "tastes like crayons."

Chipotle defended the product, insisting that the unusual texture may have been caused by the dip's all-natural ingredients. But later, it went back to the drawing board.



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