Big Changes for Local Community College

Dr. Thad Anglin of Cisco College Hopes to Increase Enrollment and Courses

CISCO, Texas (KRBC)- Community colleges act as a stepping stone for those who wish to slowly transition to a university.

Cisco College is one of many local community colleges around the Big Country, but they have some big plans that may help them stand out.

Dr. Anglin told KRBC that they plan on adding more courses for the students to help prepare them for the work world.

"We also want to make sure that we provide our programs at the lowest cost level possible", added Dr. Anglin.

Students now-a-days are averaging at least $30,000 in debt after they graduate college.

And for that reason, many students and their parents prefer them to attend a two year college like Cisco College to help them save money in the long run.

"I go to Cisco because it is close to home, inexpensive, and all the teachers are great." Said Freshman, Brayden Kennedy.

Some students that are athletes are lucky enough to be on scholarship, like Kala Jones, a Basketball Player for Cisco College.

"I knew it would be the perfect transition from high school to college since the classes aren't as big as a universities are", explained Jones.

Dr. Anglin knows how hard it is to be a student and how must the cost of education can put a burden on students and their parents.

"Going to a community college or a two-year school, particularly Cisco College, not only is cheaper alternative, but we also help students transition to a four year university", added Dr. Anglin.

Cisco College has partnered with a handful of universities nearby including ACU, Hardin-Simmons, Texas Tech, McMurry University, and Tarelton State.

"I'm very proud of the partnerships that we have and I look forward to continuing to build on those." Said Dr. Anglin.

The students who currently attend Cisco all had great things to say about the school and look forward to transferring and moving up in their future careers.


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