Cisco Moves Closer to Renovating the Laguna

Progress towards renovating and reconstructing the old Laguna hotel in Cisco is moving forward with increasing speed.

"Everyone's really excited," commented John Diers, executive Director of the CEDC.

The hotel, constructed in the 1920's, has decayed over years of abandonment.

"We've had an eyesore here in Cisco for quite a few years," Diers went on.

However, city and county entities could do very little about the deteriorating building.

"It would have cost $1,000,000 to destroy that and nobody has that in their budget," he stated.

But after much planning, and a very recent property conveyance, asbestos abatement is underway, which will be followed shortly by reconstruction and renovation.

"It has become an $8,000,000 asset," said Diers.

According to the CEDC the restoration project will pay large dividends back to the town.

"Cisco is shy on housing," said Diers, and that's what the Laguna will be used for, 30 new apartments. Additionally, locals are excited for an upgrade to a defining feature of Cisco's skyline.

"As a resident of Cisco, it means a lot to be constantly upgrading your town and infrastructure," stated Aaron Wagner, one resident.

Local business owners are also excited for larger downtown crowds.

On top of all that, residents are just happy to see this historic building brought back to its former glory.

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