City council wants to discuss the future of Lincoln Middle School

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB) - Councilman Steve Savage has called for discussions to be held on Thursday's council meeting to look into the future of Lincoln Middle School.

The school has been empty for years, but the building could soon show signs of life as some work to preserve the history there.

Abilene Heritage Square is a group that has been hard at work keeping the Lincoln campus safe and secure - they've spent nearly $200 thousand on upkeep at the property.

Laura Moore knows a lot about historic properties. She's Executive Director of The Grace Museum. She's also a member of the board investigating Lincoln. She explains the history of the building, saying that it shows Abilene "as a town that valued education." She adds that it has "been a key part of our history for many years, since the beginning."

After years of work to plan out the future of Lincoln, those plans are beginning to come together. Moore says that the goal is to create a sort of "living room" for the community. She says it would be "A place that honors our history."

And now, the newest city council wants to talk about the plans, and possibly give their input as to what they would like to see happen with the structures.

City Manager Robert Hanna explains that staff is approaching the conversations with an open mindset. "We're open to whatever direction Council wants to give. If they want us to put it on the market, we'll put it on the market. If they want us to hold onto it a little while longer, we can do that, too."

Hanna says that the issue is very close to some members of the council, and that any number of possibilities could come to pass. Previous councils have been on board with the Abilene Heritage Square concept, but this council could have other ideas.

Whether Lincoln Middle School is sold, or donated to a non-profit, or any other change, it seems that all involved parties are eager to inject life into this particular plot of land.

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