City of Abilene Proposes Sign Code Ordinance Amendments


ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) - A public review session took place in the Abilene City Hall, Thursday afternoon, where the city presented the proposed changes to concerned citizens.

KRBC has been following this city's proposal to amend Abilene's Sign Code Ordinance. This is a topic that has come up in the past and each time, it has caused an uproar with residents but on Thursday, that was not the case.

At the meeting, Abilene's Director of Planning and Development Services touched on three main points.

"The sign ordinance is what controls my business. I have to abide by those rules," Robert Kern said.

He is a managing partner at  Acme Sign and Plastics in Abilene. Kern said, coming from someone who produces signs, the rundown signs he sees across town makes the city look bad.

"If you drive around town and look, there are so many signs that are in disrepair and dilapidated. Those businesses have long been closed and moved on but the signs are still there," Kern said.

Right now, if the sign is considered unsafe or if it has been up for too long after a business has vacated the area, it will be taken down by the city.

"Those are the signs that we have a few in the community and they've been there for a good number of years. We really had not had good enforcement procedures to work through that process," Dana Schoening said.

Schoening, who is the director of planning and development services for the City of Abilene said the plan is to not only enforce the sign codes but to also make sure they comply with other rulings and state law.

"We are looking at having our sign code compliant with Supreme Court Case Reed v. The Town of GIlbert. The other two developments, we want to codify this into our land developming codes, so we have some zoning designations and the sign code that aren't consistant with our land development code and we wanted to look at the enforcement procedures," Schoening said.

These changes proposed in Thursday's meeting will be presented with the public comments to the Abilene planning and zoning commission.

In the mean time, for anyone who would like to make a comment about these proposed changes, the city will be accepting them from the public up until the next meeting.

It will take place on Monday, July 10 at 1:30 p.m. It will be in Abilene's City Council Chambers at City Hall.

More information on Thursday's agenda can be found here.

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