CIty of Coleman soon to get a new hotel


COLEMAN, Texas (KRBC) - The City of Coleman will soon notice an addition to its downtown area.

The construction of a brand new hotel called "The Kennedy" has been approved by the city.

It is being named after the owner, Allen Kennedy.    

The hotel's main purpose is to bring in revenue for the downtown businesses.

It has been nearly 50 years since Coleman had a downtown hotel and now residents are looking to change that, making Coleman not just a pass-through place but a destination!

It is out with the old and in with the new for the county of Coleman.

"And we're really excited about that," Coleman City Manager Paul Catoe said.

This new year will bring in not only a brand new county jail but also a brand spankin' new hotel to downtown Coleman.

"Hotel is the obvious choice of what Coleman is needing. We have the dining experience but we need the overnight accommodation," entrepreneur Robert Williamson said.

He stepped in on behalf of his colleague, Allen Kennedy in this week's Coleman Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) meeting.

"I think people come here because of that reason. They want to see something different. They're leaving the cities. They're coming out here," Williamson said. "We want to modernize it a little bit and that's what this hotel will do. It's a little bit mid-century modern."

He owns Rancho Loma in Coleman, among other restaurants/hotels in the Coleman area. He said Rancho Loma is a hotel/restaurant ten miles west of the city of Coleman and is always booked.

"I have five rooms out at Rancho Loma and that's not enough," Williamson said.

Coleman city manager, Paul Catoe is also looking forward to more jobs with this new hotel.

"Will probably be employing about four people within the first 24 months and maybe six employees within the first three years," Catoe said.

The Kennedy will house 12 rooms, will be about 5500 square feet, and will have a bar and swimming pool.

The mid-century modern model is looking at about $800,000 to build.

It is certainly not a huge hotel but a huge improvement for the downtown area.

"There are numerous businesses downtown that it will help promote and we have a lot of tourism, folks coming up and down Highway 153, we feel like we're going to catch a lot of them," Catoe said.

The city is now working to get utility approvals. The council said they are looking to fund about $17,701 in utilities, such as water, sewer and electricity.

Allen Kennedy said construction is expected to begin in early 2018 and will take about 18 months to finish.

The last time the City of Coleman had a hotel was in 1968, according to Coleman historian, Ralph Terry and city manager, Paul Catoe.
The year after, it sold to the City of Coleman Housing Authority in 1969.  It was referred to as the “Coleman Hotel” and it was located right next door to the proposed location of the new Kennedy Hotel. The old Hotel is now the High Rise Facility for the City of Coleman Housing Authority and it primarily houses Senior Citizens at the present time.

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