Daylight Saving Time makes it tougher on farmers

FISHER COUNTY, Texas (KTAB) - It may be a rumor that was started a long time ago but some local farmers are squashing it.  It has been said that daylight saving time started because of farmers but according to some local farmers, that is simply not the case.  In fact it actually makes it tougher on farmers with the sun setting sooner causing them to do more work in the dark.

For Joe Posey, cotton farming has always been the plan.

"Ever since my dad let me on the tractor I guess I'd never had really any other intentions," Posey said.

In fact he's a fourth generation farmer.

"My granddad's dad came down here around the 1900's I'd assume," Posey said.

And he said he loves what he does.

"When you grow up out here you learn to really enjoy it and just want to take care of the land the way we do you know," Posey said.

Harvest time for the Posey's started the last week of October and the change in time causes a little bit of trouble when it's wet outside.

"With the dew coming in it kinda has its set backs," Posey said.

And since farmers already work late, these setbacks can be a problem.

"Whenever it gets dark we start telling everyone pay attention watching where peoples at because you know it gets pretty dangerous out here.   Pretty dark especially when you're ten miles from town or any kind of light structure," Posey said.

Posey said it requires lots of long hours and busy weeks and can get stressful at times.  They are working from eight in the morning to ten at night to harvest their 5,000 acres of cotton but they hope to be done by Christmas. 


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