Deer season can mean big money for small towns

HAMLIN, Texas (KTAB) - Deer season is in full swing. Bow season came to a close on November 3rd, and rifle season opened the next day. Deer processors say that they’ve already seen a number of hunters and game, which can mean a big economic gain for some small communities.

In Hamlin, two brand new businesses have opened up in time for deer season. The Deer Shop has been in Abilene for years, but they’ve opened a brand new location in the center of Hamlin. Just down the street, You Called It Taxidermy has been open for around a month. Owner and taxidermist Joe Sepeda says that this time of the year brings a big increase in traffic through Hamlin.

Sepeda says, “It's really a big deal around here. People are excited for us. A lot of the locals say that they'll for sure bring them in, just to keep the local money in Hamlin."

Chris Baldree, owner of The Deer Shop, says that it isn’t just taxidermists and deer processors that see an upturn in business. He describes hunters staying in town at “restaurants, gas stations, feed stores, lumberyards. Everyone benefits from these folks coming in.”

Back at You Called It, Sepeda looks forward to his first year as a taxidermist, and he thinks that being in such close proximity to The Deer Shop can help the entire town. Sepeda explains that “normally they would have to go out of town to get the processing and taxidermy done in the same spot.” He adds that this could keep hunters in town, where they might “eat at the local businesses, or get groceries.”

Baldree says that he’s seen a number of hunters already on opening day. “We’ve had a lot of good traffic here in Hamlin”, he says. “All the hunters in this area are very excited for us to be here.”

Hamlin may be one community, but it goes to show how one aspect of town can potentially boost business for everyone else

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