Kolton Jones: Defying the odds since birth

How one Big Country teen is beating the odds.

COLEMAN, Texas (KTAB) - Surviving life is nothing new to a Coleman High School Student who became a victim of shaken baby syndrome just one month after birth. 

Doctors didn't think Kolton Jones would live due to the major brain trauma he sustained. 

The man who hurt Kolton was convicted and sentenced for his part in Kolton's injury. He is now in prison and will be until at least 2025.

After his mother passed away Kolton's stepfather, James Birman, took custody of the boy and helped him begin to live again.

Kolton, now 17-years-old, loves basketball dearly. He used to watch the boys of Coleman High play ball every chance he got.

One day, that all changed. Kolton was asked to join the team on the court, and he immediately said yes, becoming the newest member the boys JV White Basketball team.

He has played two games and even scored some points since joining the team.

His Stepfather, James tells KTAB news how proud he is of his son and how amazing it is to watch him play.

"He's come a long way, you know. From a baby that wasn't supposed to live to see him at 17-years-old out there running back and forth playing basketball. It's really awesome you know, it's great," says Birman.

On the court or off, Kolton is inspiring all of those around him.

"I think it's wonderful to see someone with special needs play basketball and do what they love and have fun," says Jorge Jimenez, Kolton's teammate.

Kolton's basketball coach and teammates all say the team wouldn't be the same without him.

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