Dennie and His Den of Snakes

Out in the town of Bronte there's a man whose business is snakes.

"They're in every box. We probably have a little over 1200 pounds of snakes," commented Dennie Braswell, a Bronte snake hunter.

For years and year Dennie has been hunting snakes, a job which has meant long days and even longer nights.

"My wife called and asked where I was and I told her, 'You know where I am.'"

There's been some interesting hunts where he's had to deal with more than one type of venomous creature.

"Bees and snakes den up together often."

On those occasions, he's found himself alone more often than not.

"I looked around and everyone was gone," he continued.

The job, while enjoyable, has resulted in a few bites here and there.

"I've had a couple, one too many."

Up until now, the catching and selling of rattlers has been profitable.

"It's been a lot of fun and we've had a lot of fun, but I think it's about over."

Now Dennie has nobody to sell to and so has over 1000 pounds of live snakes with nowhere to go.

"I think I'll keep them."

As for his next hobby, Dennie plans to go back to fishing.

"I tried snake hunting because it was fun and it paid a little bit. Now it doesn't pay so I may start fishing again," he finished.

But if you have a snake problem, Dennie says you can still get a hold of him to help out.

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