Dog flu hits cities throughout Texas

Dog flu hits cities throughout Texas

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB) - Throughout the state, the dog flu virus has been on the move. Cases are already confirmed in Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Austin. This quick-moving virus affects dogs in much the same way as when people catch the flu.

Doctor Larry Ellis at the Abilene Veterinary Center lists the symptoms: "Lethargy, loss of appetite, pretty severe upper respiratory system symptoms, congestion, irritated sinuses, nasal passages, sometimes progressing to a discharge. Just really, dogs that don't feel very good."

The virus spreads from dog to dog in the same way, too. 

But there is a way to slow the spread. Dr. Ellis explains, "You can vaccinate just like us, and prevent it. If your dog visits dog parks, or goes to the groomer, or gets kenneled, then those are still the dogs that I would primarily focus on."

Being a virus, the dog flu will spread, but with vaccinations and keeping your dog from those trouble areas where they might come in contact with an infected dog, you can help to slow the spread.

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