Dropping 230 pounds to join the US Army

If you want to join the Army, something you should know is that there's a weight limit.

"There is, each height has a specific weight limit they will require," said Staff Sergeant David Jeffries.

Which means William Guinn, a larger man in 2016, stood only a slim chance of making the cut.

"No, back when he was in the 400's, there wasn't a chance," Jeffries went on.

But over the next year, Guinn beat the odds, and dropped the pounds.

"I went from 460 pounds to 230 in 14 months," he said proudly.

Now his initial reason for losing weight was due to health concerns.

"Someone saying, 'If you don't lose this weight, you're going to die,' I was like, 'I'm done.'"

One of his main motivators to continue losing weight and get even more into shape, was his desire to join the Army.

When he initially applied, many didn't think he would drop enough weight.

"Several times throughout this process, we've had guys in the office and in the chain of command who said he wouldn't make it. I told them he would, he had looked me in the eye and told me he was going to do this," continued Jeffries.

And Guinn did make it, through a drastic overhaul in diet, and exercising every day.

"It's hard to say no, but it can be done," said Guinn.

On Thursday Guinn enlisted, accomplishing his biggest dream, so what's next for this man who beat the odds.

"I've got to be a great dad to my kids and, like I said, just looking towards the future," he went on.

According to Staff Sergeant Jeffries, a man with determination like that is going to very far.

"I don't think there is a limit, whatever he wants to accomplish, he will accomplish."

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