Dye Manufacturing receives large check for advanced training


BRECKENRIDGE, Texas (KRBC) - It is out with the old and in with the new for one Breckenridge company!

The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) presented a check of $97,569 to R.E. Dye Manufacturing. The Breckenridge Economic Development Corporation also pitched in on the funds with $4,717 to cover the funds that TWC did not cover, which totaled to more than $100,000 in funds.

This check covers the cost of machine training and instructor costs and includes an advanced AS 9100 certification, which is vital for an aerospace company to have, otherwise they do not get business.

"It's a great thing for a small town," President of R.E. Dye Manufacturing Colby Dye said.

Dye Manufacturing will be using this money to train about 60 employees on advance machine techniques and updates.
"We're an AS 9100 certified company and AS 9100 has changed. We needed some instructional math. When we went to find someone to give us that instruction, they also offered us training for our employees that we needed in the machine shop," Dye said.

The AS 9100 is a requirement to do any type of aerospace type for a major corporation. This is an extentsion of ISO 9000 which is a generic set of standard. If employees do not understand it then they do not get business.

"If you don't have it, you can't stay in aircraft," Quality Control Manager R.E. Dye Manufacturing, Terry Brumfield said.
Terry Brumfield is the quality control manager at Dye Manufacturing.

He said AS 9100 is more stringent because the record keeping is vital to prove that their parts are authentic.

"One of the new things that seem to be happening in aircraft are fake parts. People come in and say parts are manufactured in the United States. Could be in China; poor quality and they fail. When aircraft parts fail, people die. So, they become very strict on making sure that, that is part of our quality and it's one of the things we've learned is to keep an eye out for these fake parts," Brumfield said.

This check not only benefits employees of dye but also students at TSTC.

"It gives the Texas State College more capacity and now they know what the industry is doing and how they utilize the equipment. They can now broaden that training with the other students that are not necesarilly employees," Dale Robertson, manager of office of employer at the Texas Workforce Commission said.

Dye Manufacturing has continued to be a manufacturing leader in West Central Texas by continually training their employees in areas of professional development.

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