EXCLUSIVE: Craker family and prosecution react to guilty verdict

ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) - It's a crime hard for any parent to grasp, and one the Abilene Police Department and  District Attorney's office will never forget.

And because of that, they've been fighting for justice for Baby Ashley since the moment her life was taken.

But, not everyone involved in this case is convinced Amber Craker is capable of doing the things she's been convicted of.

Her grandmother exclusively told KRBC her granddaughter is "sweet" and "loves babies."

"I feel it in my heart and my gut that she didn't do it," Jewel Brown Amber's grandmother said.

A tough day in court for family, the defense, the prosecution, and the jury.

"They made a very stressful and a very emotional decision today, and I'm proud of them," Distirct Attorney James Hicks said.

After three days of testimony, describing what's been called a horrific murder, the only memory Jewel Brown has of her great granddaughter are the pictures of her stabbed and bloody body that were shared with the court; and still, with those images, Brown said she knows her granddaughter is innocent and incapable of capital murder.

"[She's] a sweet loving girl. She loved kids," Brown said.

But the emotions, very different for the prosecution who's lived this case for the last 20 months.

"I'm relieved," D.A. Hicks said.

So, while Craker's sobs echoed through the courtroom as the judge read her life sentence, District Attorney James Hicks said there's never been blood family fighting for the victim.

"Ashley does have a family. It's called the Abilene Police Department," Hicks said.

He told us, her funeral service and gravesite wouldn't have happened if not for the Abilene Police Officer's Associate and APD.

"There were more than 40 officers who attended her funeral," Hicks said.

When asked if she had any final words to say in court, Craker replied, "I'm sorry for everything i did." 

But for the family of Amber Craker, they say the fight doesn't stop here.

"I'm going to talk to my son in law, and see if they can appeal it," Brown said.

While the District Attorney's Office has one more Baby Ashley battle to suit up for.

"I think justice is partially served," District Attorney Hicks said.

We tried to speak with Craker's legal team, they declined to comment.

Amber Craker's co-conspirator, Damian Cate, is also charged with capital murder, injury to a child and tampering with evidence.

He will face a jury January 16, 2018.

Two days before what would be Baby Ashley's second birthday.

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