Family of 8-year-old Hit-and-run Victim Speaks Out,

One week before Christmas, Daylan Franklin, 8, was hit and killed by a drunk driver. Instead of buying Christmas presents for Daylan, his mother, Venessa Franklin was picking out a casket and making funeral arrangements.

"I can't picture my future without my son," Venessa said.

Daylan's uncle, Christopher Fell, said the driver originally got out of the vehicle. Fell said he was screaming and praying for the boy to wake up. It was right before the ambulance and police arrived that he fled.

"The paramedics arrived and then the police arrived and he was just gone," Fell said. "Like how could you just leave a little kid in the street to die like that."

Fell also states that while he's mad and upset with the driver for killing his nephew, he said he is hurting for him and his family as well. 

"I am going to pray for him," Venessa said about the driver. "I am going to try to forget, because that would be the right thing to do, but I can never forget what he did to my baby."

The driver of the vehicle was identified as Samuel Juarez, who has multiple arrests for driving while intoxicated. The family is asking how this man was able to drive and carry a legal drivers license with so many DWI arrests.

"He should have been in jail a long time ago," Venessa said. "Because my baby would be here to celebrate Christmas with his brother and sister. He had presents to open he had things to do, my baby was a good boy he was going to go college and he was going to be something. I saw that in my child."

Daylan was in third grade at East Elementary School. Franklin said that her son loved to go to school, that he was friends with everyone and he really loved his teacher, Mrs, Wilbourn.

His Teacher set up a GoFundMe account to help the family with funeral cost.

you can find the link here >>>

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