Family of Colorado City Man Killed in Oilfield Accident Speaks Out

COLORADO CITY, Texas (KTAB) - "It's the package of being a twin," Courtney says. "It's doing everything together your whole entire life. It's Coby and Courtney. It was never Courtney. It was Coby and Courtney. It's the stockings on Christmas. It's Coby's and Courtney's. It's us opening them together. It's the birthday cakes. It's two cakes instead of one. It's him teaching me how to do everything and following him in his footsteps because I looked up to him. It's him being my twin."

Now that her other half is gone, Courtney says she's going to use the loss to raise awareness for the potential dangers of working in the oilfield.

"This happens all the time in the oilfield," she says. "This accident could have been prevented and it happens to a lot of other families and I think that's why it's important that we're talking about it because these things don't have to happen. We don't have to lose 20-year-olds when they should have a whole lifetime ahead of them."

A small piece of comfort for the Stinson family is the amount of support they've received from those in Colorado City and surrounding areas.

"This town and these people, friends have been unbelievable," Coby's father, Joe says. "I don't know how a person could get through this without them. Small West Texas town, there's nothing like them."

For Courtney, the birthdays are going to be the hardest. Luckily, she has a piece of Coby to make that day a bit easier.

"I did find a voicemail from two years ago and he said 'Happy birthday, Courtney. I love you. I'll talk to you later,' and I think I'm going to save that and listen to it every birthday," she says.

The investigation into Coby's death is still ongoing.

His funeral service is scheduled for Friday at 10 am at 22nd and Austin Church of Christ in Colorado City. 

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