Flexible seating helping Sweetwater ISD students in the classroom

SWEETWATER, Texas (KTAB) - There are some changes in Sweetwater classrooms and it involves how students sit. Many teachers at Sweetwater Intermediate School are allowing students to choose how they sit for classes.

"We have bouncy balls, we have stools, we have stuff we sit on, we have a couch, we have bean bags," 4th grader Tristen Salas says.

Kassidi Seaton is the interventionist at SIS and she was the first to bring up the idea of flexible seating, saying it would help "motivate kids and help them stay on task."

"I was nervous, especially about them picking their seats," 4th grade teacher Dina Villa says.

But after a few months, flexible seating is a hit.

"They absolutely love it," Seaton says. "I haven't had any complaints at all. Kids that are kind of fidgety and it's hard for them to sit in a chair, they respond by being able to stay on task for a much longer period of time."

"They've definitely been able to focus better," Villa says. "They seem to try harder and they appreciate their seating."

For the students, getting to chose their learning style has helped them enjoy their classes more and is even helping some with their grades.

"We get to be comfortable while doing stressful things and that gets us really calm and to really enjoy school," Salas says. "My grades are better than they were in third grade now.

For teachers thinking about incorporating flexible seating in their classrooms, Seaton says take it slow. She recommends transitioning from individual desks to group tables. Then, introducing one or two pieces of flex seating. Eventually, leading up to a full-flex classroom.


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