Floria gov. says Irma is bigger and stronger than Hurricane Andrew

(CNN) - Storm models show multiple paths for Hurricane Irma, but Gov. Rick Scott warned residents not to wait to see what happens. He urged everyone to take the evacuation orders seriously, no matter where they live.

"The entire state needs to be prepared," Scott said, adding that the storm could hit the east or west coast of Florida this weekend.

It's not clear if and where Irma will hit Florida, but Scott warned that it could still have a major impact on the state from the storm surge alone. Irma is currently one of the most powerful Atlantic storms ever recorded.

1,000 National Guard troops will be on duty in Florida by tonight
This is part of the preparations Florida is making ahead of the historic hurricane, which could hit the state this weekend.

Gov. Rick Scott has already ordered evacuations in the Keys and other parts of Florida. He told residents to expect more to come.

"Do not sit and wait," he said, adding that all Florida residents need to assume this storm will impact them in some way, no matter the path.


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