Follow-up coach teaching inner-healing and connecting with God


ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) - You have heard of  various types of coaches, athletic coaches, career coaches and even life coaches, but what about a "follow-up" coach?

Bible and Brew, in Abilene, brought their first female guest speaker who specializes in it, Wednesday evening.

Amy Paquette has been serving as a follow-up coach for about a year now, at Gold Monarch Healing Center, in Abilene.

"It's just really special to get to sit with people in really hard places and just love on them there and let them know that they're not crazy, it's okay, this is normal to go through these hard times," Paquette said.

She helps who want someone to walk with them after their time at Gold Monarch's.

"Pain makes you feel very isolated and when someone can say, 'Oh hey, oh, I get that and you're not alone, it's really helpful and really helps you move through the pain and come out the other side a more whole-hearted person," Paquette said.
Paquette said her goal is to help people with inner-healing and connect with God.

Those interested in attending Bible and Brew, can join the group at the Zone Bar at 7 p.m., every first Wednesday of the month.

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