Former European finds passion in creating cattle truck calendars

ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) - An Abilene man has turned a passion for cattle trucks into a personal business.

Frank Sanders was a truck driver in the Netherlands for 20 years before coming to America on a five week trip in 2011. A storm brought him to Abilene, where he would eventually call his home.

"The bad weather pushed me here," said Sanders. "I was never intending to go into Abilene. My trip was going from Texas into New Mexico, into Arizona, Colorado, back to Kansas, back to Louisiana."

Sanders did not expect that he would meet his future wife and find his passion in Abilene. After moving to Abilene, in search of a career, Sanders began to take professional photos of cattle trucks.

"The Europeans like the American trucks because they're so different (from) what we used to have," said Sanders.

Sanders believes cattle trucks to many are simply larger trucks. To Sanders, they represent the hard work, time, and effort of the people who drive them.

"My idea was to give them a little bit more respect, to support them with my photography, and the place that I started was out of cattle trucks just to show the world what these people do," said Sanders.

Sanders has made a collection of his photos into annual calendars, and has already completed his calendars for 2018.

"We started these calendars in 2017 and we sold about 500 of them all over the United States, even to Mexico, Canada, and Europe," said Sanders.

Sanders plans to continue to pursue his passions and bring an awareness of cattle truck drivers across the country.
"I'm just a normal guy that takes photos of cattle trucks," said Sanders.

Sanders runs a Facebook page with his cattle truck photos at

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