Former Lincoln students visit old stomping grounds

Off of South 1st Street and Grape Street stands Lincoln Middle School, a school which was formerly known as Abilene High School until 1995 and closed as a middle school in 2007.

The building, which is currently being unused, is intended to be renovated to become a community center called Abilene Heritage Square. 

Rudy Soto and Debbie Garcia were once students at Lincoln Junior High School, before it was considered a middle school. While touring their old stomping grounds, their early teenage memories came flooding down the hall.

"It's been so many years," said Soto. "

"I remember they said our graduating class was probably almost 15 to 18 hundred kids," said Garcia.

The memories were stumbled upon in even the most unexpected parts of the school.

"They dropped a cherry bomb in the toilet, flushed it, and it blew up the toilet, and the water flooded the basement," said Soto.

Although the building will no longer be a place for educating middle school students, the building offers an opportunity for these former to create more memories with their members.

"This was an old family school, all my cousins, my brothers, my mother and father went to school here and it's just a lot of good memories."

"It's neat to walk in it but it's still the old building that I remember when I first started going here and now it's going to be put to use for something else. Maybe some of our kids will get the chance to go in here. "

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