Former pianist explains his dream to end homelessness

Abilene man hopes to change the world

ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) - Homelessness is a reality for many across Abilene and the Big Country. Brad White is just one of the many in Abilene who does not have a home. 

Brad showed us what struggles he faces in his daily life.

"I used to say I'm going to change the world," said White. "Then it dawned on me that I'm not going to change anything."

Brad White said he was once a successful pianist who now finds himself living in a dark tunnel in Abilene.

"You get lonely," said White. "I start talking to people and I can't shut up because everything is inside down here."

Brad says that after numerous brain surgeries and constant seizures, he has been struggling to find a job and food.

"One of the priorities for me is trying to feed myself and not out of a dumpster," said White. "Yes I have eaten out of dumpsters and it's not as bad as one would think. But, I prefer not to. I don't want to get sick."

Brad said his mission is to change the mindset about the homeless in Abilene and around the country.

"People on the streets, they've not outlived their usefulness," said White. "They still have a purpose or they wouldn't be here. They're not worthless."

Brad says the tunnel he lives in reminds him that there is always a way to find a light, even while living in complete darkness.

"I think of it as the light at the end of my tunnel," said White.

Brad says a big issue with being homeless is the apathy he sees daily.

"I see people that will drive by me and they will not turn to look at me, and they want to, but they won't and the reason is their afraid that if they look at me, then they have to recognize that there is a problem there's an issue that needs to be handled," said White.

Brad has even made his signs designed to display his message and, as a former musician, Brad is writing music and playing the piano to show what a homeless man is capable of doing.

"I believe that God is using me," said White. "We're going to change the world together."

To be transparent with our audience, it is important to note that we reached out authorities regarding Brad's background. No criminal background has been reported.

Abilene is home to many organizations that help the homeless, like Hope Haven and the Salvation Army. 

Donate to the Salvation Army
Donate to Hope Haven

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