Fort Hood soldiers train in Kuwait

CAMP BUEHRING, KUWAIT ( - A Fort Hood unit whose job it is to make sure the troops on the line have what they need to meet their mission has gotten some realistic training in Kuwait.

Normally food, water, ammunition, vehicle parts and other things might be delivered to the front by ground.

But in a scenario played out in this exercise in which solders were engaged in a firefight with the enemy in the desert, that kind of delivery would not be feasible.

So in this case, soldiers from the 215th Brigade Support Battalion ( known as the "Blacksmiths") had to take to the air, and found themselves conducting air drop training.

The unit is part of the 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division.

Three forward support companies participated in the training.

On the way, they had to react to simulated indirect fire and simulated improvised explosive devices and respond to a disabled vehicle situation within their respective convoys.

Capt. Joseph Feathers, Alpha Company, 215th Brigade Support Battalion commander said normally this kind of mission is an emergency resupply.

"It's not used as a primary means of resupply, so say, for example, one of our companies is under contact, and they're in an isolated area and they can't get a normal means of resupply of ammunition or food."

"We would use an air drop like this to provide a quick, 24 to 48-hour resupply to that unit, so we'd basically approach the drop zone, pick it up, and bring it to them so they wouldn't have to come back to get it."

Feathers said most of his Soldiers had never done a resupply by aircraft before.

"Being able to actually use real aircraft here to conduct a drop, simulate enemy contact on the drop zone," he said.

"It's really good, because it familiarizes our guys, like I said, who are used to the big stuff, supporting tanks, but more importantly they're supporting the Soldiers directly. It's the first time that most of them have done any kind of mission with an aircraft."


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