Generation in Crisis: Taylor County feeling effect of rise in CPS cases

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB) - Taylor County officials are calling it an epidemic.

The amount of CPS cases filling up the courts is on the rise. Right now, there are 455 children in CPS custody with an average of 36 cases assigned to investigators.

"Each year the number of those cases has gone up," stated Judge Downing Bolls.

The rise in cases is affecting the entire county, not just family court.

"The impact of CPS cases is having an impact on the budget," Judge Bolls added.

In fact, he says next year's budget will be more than $6 million dollars over what is should be and it's all due to the influx of cases.

Some departments have even hired new employees just to cover the extra work.

"The district attorney of course has to be involved in those as well," explained Judge Bolls. "That creates additional workload for him. He has added some attorneys to work specifically on those CPS cases."

Judge Bolls says he knows the county will have to make some budget cuts but hasn't said what or where those will come from.










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