Generation in Crisis: Taylor County needs more foster families

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB) - More foster families are needed in Taylor County as a result of the amount of child protective services cases piling up. One former foster parent is now a recruiter for St. Francis Community Services in Abilene and she's working to encourage other families to foster children. 

In 2015 Meredith Adams, saw a need for foster families in the Abilene area and she and her husband submitted the paperwork to become foster parents.

"Like oh my gosh this is really happening.  I'm going to go home and there's going to be a stranger in my house," Adams said.

She and her husband filled the need as best they could.

"You know when you're like God has just totally made your eyes see what you're going to do and you're like I'm going to do this," Adams said.

They fostered a three year old boy for a few months then a two year old girl.

"That was the best thing I could ever get," Adams said.

While the kids don't stay forever Adams still has the memories like old books she read to both kids she kept for the next child that comes into her life.  Meanwhile Adams is now a recruiter for St. Francis' foster program looking for other families that may want to foster children.

According to foster program director, Tiajuana Williams, most of the kids in the program have been abused or neglected.

"Our kids need us," Williams said.

And Adams said needed the kids as well.

"I remember thinking I can't imagine my life any different without this child in my home," Adams said.

A home with a room that is ready to be filled just like so many kids lives.  Anyone interested in becoming a foster parent can contact St. Francis Community Services located in the Alliance for Women and Children building. 

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