Grito competition at Anson High School helps students embrace Hispanic heritage

ANSON, Texas (KRBC) - Every year we see more and more Hispanic traditions around the Big Country.

 "It's important for our students to be aware of that and to appreciate that just like they do to any other culture," said Anson High School Principal Troy Hinds. 

Mexican music is characterized by a famous grito, which helps students realize they can embrace their culture through it.

"One of my students in class said Ms. Ramos why don't we sponsor the Spanish club let's do this," said Lisa Ramos, Spanish teacher at Anson High School.

Anson High School hosted a contest asking students to do their best grito, and the students spent days preparing to impress judges. But for some, this is more than just a competition, it is an opportunity to celebrate the Hispanic culture.

"The grito shows how strong we are, it shows how strong and independent we are," said Anson High student Maribel Hernandez.

The strength and soul of Mexican culture are left in every grito.

"We learn so much because i feel our culture is such a beautiful culture," added Ramos.

This year, Marisa Lozano won the best grito of Anson High School.

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