Haitian med student learning in the Big Country


COLEMAN COUNTY, Texas (KRBC) - Growing up on a small island with little resources can be hard, especially after a natural disaster has made it worse.

After a 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit the island of Haiti in 2010, it destroyed hospitals and their equipment.

A visiting medical student from Haiti has come to the Big Country to learn what he can, so someday he can help his native home.

"I feel bad because in a country where we have one doctor for more than $6,000 people, it's really hard," Visiting medical student Dimenche Stevenson said.

Stevenson is a visiting medical student from Haiti. He has been shadowing doctors all summer at the Coleman County Medical Center.

"It's my motivation to help people from my hometown," Stevenson said. "We have more than 20,000 people, so we don't have doctor and come back to help people as soon as I can."

Originally wanting to be an optometrist, Stevenson later thought he could reach more people by becoming a family doctor.

"I'm learning a lot. I'm learning from Dr. Reynolds, who's a very good family doctor practice. I'm learning from Dr. Hornerr and Dr. Atwood. They are very good. Believe me, they're good," Stevenson said.

Doctor Darron Atwood is a physician at Coleman County Medical Center. He said he has enjoyed being able to teach Stevenson.

"He's helped us with clinic, E.R. and on the impatient service. He's done an amazing job. We love having students here at Coleman County Medical Center," Darron Atwood M.D.

Now, in his final two weeks in Texas, Stevenson believes he has learned all that he can before he goes back to Haiti.

"I have to be aware, I have to know about your medicine about what you do, about how you do stuff, how  you treat your patients, what kind of equipments and tools that you're using," Stevenson said.

Stevenson is set to graduate in December of 2018.

After he graduates, he plans to come back to America to make residency work a few years and then go back to Haiti.

Stevenson speaks Creole, French, Spanish and English.

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