Haskell fundraiser gets full school lunches to underpriviledged kids

HASKELL, Texas (KTAB) - With programs set up to help underprivileged kids get the food they need at school, it might not be apparent that some kids still fall through the cracks for one reason or another.

While paying for her children's lunches, Wendy Keith noticed a list of all the kids who were behind on their lunch bill. After a huge success with a different fundraiser, Wendy and her husband Chris knew exactly how to help out.

Wendy says that children who are behind on their payments will "have to eat a cheese or peanut butter sandwich for your lunch. You don't get the regular lunch that everybody else gets."

Chris says that because it's so easily noticed by other students, the simple lunches can be a bullying issue. "Kids have enough to deal with.", he says.

The fundraiser was held at the Haskell Courthouse, where every ten dollar plate would go to a fund that was split between Rule ISD and Paint Creek ISD at the end of the way. People had some real motivation to come buy food, thanks to KB's Backyard Barbecue from Kenny Billington.

Billington goes through the list of everything on the menu: "Let's see. We've got brisket, we've got ribs, we've got sausage. Peach cobbler, we've got cole slaw, and some beans." He pauses, and adds, laughing, "They've been calling three days in advance, looking forward to it. Take a plate, they're ready."

As business quickly picked up, everyone volunteering is optimistic and excited to make a difference. Linda St. John spent her morning plating food, and she says, "I'm feeling wonderful. It's a beautiful day and people are going to come out because we're going to stand in the street and make them come over here."

The food was sold out by two o'clock, not even three hours after the fundraiser started. In that time, nearly $1100 was collected, which equates to approximately 570 individual lunches to be split between the two schools.

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